Thursday, March 6, 2008

Rows complete

After a few changes in fabric blocks, the rows are sew together. I have had to fit the stitching in around painting the newly renovated bathroom. The priming and first coat of paint are finished. Tomorrow, the final coat and then by Sunday I will give the room a final cleanup and start putting everything back on the walls and move our stuff back in.

Saturday is a workshop day - Lone Star with Patti Carey - so, it might be another few days before I get back to this project.

Or , if the painting goes well tomorrow, I may get the first few rows assembled. I received the machine quilting DVD I ordered in the mail today. Doesn't it always look so easy when someone else is doing the quilting?

It was entertaining as well as educational. Time to get out the ol' whiteboard and start practicing. You can see video samples at and maybe order a copy for yourself.

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