Thursday, January 3, 2008

Becoming a blogger

Here we are into a new year - 2008, a leap year! It has been just over a month since I quit my job. I haven't accomplished much. Within the first week of my self-imposed unemployment, my back spasmed and I was unable to sit, stand or walk for very long before having to do one of the others. The pain lasted in varying degrees for most of the month of December. It was so frustrating not to be able to do all the things that needed doing in the run-up to Christmas. Finally, I am starting to feel able to tackle finishing the quilt that I started with my satellite group, the Shoppe Girls. It won't take long if I can tear myself away from the computer.

I sat down to write my article for the Guild newsletter. Once that was finished, I wanted to send along a list of quilt-related links for members to visit just in case there was space to fill. The last few quilt magazines I have read have all had articles mentioning various blogs to visit and I dropped in to check out a few. Of course, one blog leads to another... Four hours later, I realize that I missed lunch and it is now time for dinner.

Some of the blogs out there are so inspiring. Some have grown into a virtual community of hundreds. I might get more use out of my new digital camera if there is someplace to put the photos. We'll see...

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